Anti-Life activists sink to new low with Netflix cartoon singing “kill dat fetus”

“Get dat fetus, kill dat fetus” is the callous and inhuman message of a new Netflix cartoon which glorifies the killing of innocent preborn children and mocks Pro-Life advocates and legislation.

A gratuitous pro-abortion message saturated a season 3 episode of the Netflix original series, BoJack Horseman.  The episode, entitled “Brrap Brrap Pew Pew,” is an all-out assault on the Pro-Life worldview.  In this clip, the abortionist character informs the character seeking an abortion that “by law” he is required to tell the woman that her puppies (the character’s husband is a dog) “have a favorite color and that color may be blue,” mocking the accurate medical information that abortionists are required to share with women before committing an abortion.  The abortionist also tells the woman that before the abortion she would “have to watch 20 hours of cute puppy videos as Sarah McLachlan’s I Will Remember You plays softly” – again, mocking state laws requiring comprehensive informed consent prior to abortion.

But the most disturbing scene of the cartoon involves the show’s pop star character, who pretends to be pregnant, launch into a grotesque performance glorifying abortion.  After telling a TV show host that “one in three women will have an abortion in her life” (which is false) and that she wanted to “destigmatize” abortion, she sings a song called “Get Dat Fetus Kill Dat Fetus.”  Rather than try to describe the song, we’ll let the lyrics do the talking:

I’m a baby killer / Baby killing makes me horny / Aliens inside me / Gonna squash it like Sigourney

Get dat fetus, kill dat fetus / Get dat fetus, kill dat fetus / Brrap brrap, pew pew / Brrap brrap, pew pew

I’m a dolphin doll face / Bitches in my crawl space / Have abortions sometimes? / No, I’ma have abortions always

Get dat fetus, kill dat fetus / Get dat fetus, kill dat fetus / Brrap brrap, pew pew / Brrap brrap, pew pew

And sometimes I do have doubts and it’s hard to sleep / I think about my child’s heartbeat and oh it makes me weak / I hope and pray to god my little fetus has a soul / Because I want it to feel pain when I eject it from my hole / Brrap brrap brrap brrap

The more the abortion lobby tries to “destigmatize” abortion, the more the diabolical colors of the anti-Life movement come to light.  And the reality of their hatred for human Life and their betrayal of the women who carry those Lives rends our hearts and at the same time spurs us on to continue standing for justice, compassion, and human dignity.