An urgent message from Gov. Perry: Sign our petition!

Friend —

Governor Perry has asked me to pass along an urgent message to you.

He is outraged that President Obama has threatened to shut down a Texas healthcare program that provides preventative care to low income Texan women, all because the program does not include Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider.

Our governor states:

“President Obama has placed the concerns of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood ahead of the preventative health care of low-income women in Texas. Losing this program will leave more than 100,000 Texas women without access to necessary preventative health care. States have the right to determine who is a qualified provider under Medicaid. Texas law prohibits abortion providers and affiliates from being qualified providers or receiving taxpayer funds in this program. Now, because our decisions conflict with the Obama administration’s pro-abortion agenda, the federal government is seeking to strip Texas of its established right, at the expense of these women. I am committed to fighting this egregious intrusion, and we need your help.”
Governor Perry is calling on Pro-Life Texans to take action to keep our tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood.  He asks that you:

 Email your member of Congress and tell them to urge the Obama Administration to put women first, not abortion, by funding real clinics that help women.

— Raise awareness of this issue on your Facebook and Twitter. Retweet messages from @texgov.

 In addition, please email Governor Perry and thank him for raising the standard of medical care in Texas by prioritizing real health care clinics and not abortion businesses.

Yours for Life,

Elizabeth Graham