American women not accepting Obama´s abortion agenda

Obama’s ploy to monopolize women’s votes is deteriorating.


New polls show that radical, pro-abortion President Barack Obama is losing favor with American women despite launching his “Women for Obama” campaign solely to bolster his ratings with women.

Respondents to a Bloomberg National Poll indicate that forty-nine percent of women say they would choose Obama over a Republican opponent. This time four years ago, Obama’s support among women was fifty-six percent. Women are becoming more aware of Obama’s tactics to manipulate their vote and advance his abortion agenda in the United States and abroad. 
Despite his overreaching “interest” in women’s health, President Obama does not seem to care about women. Instead, his focus has been to promote his abortion agenda and the abortion lobby under the guise of “female empowerment” and “women’s health care” as a means to muster up votes. 
Women are a pawn used by Obama to advance his peculiar obsession with abortion and abortion committers. This January, in the wake of the 39th anniversary of government-sanctioned abortion, Obama called the act of killing unborn children a “fundamental constitutional right” that must be given to women to pursue their dreams:  “[A]s we remember this historic anniversary, we must also continue our efforts to ensure that our daughters have the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams.” 
Another testament to his unwavering support of abortion is his inability to divide women’s health care from abortion – thus undermining a woman’s ability to separate the two. Just last week, the president denied preventative health care services to thousands of Texas women because state officials voted to exclude abortion affiliates from the Texas Women’s Health Program.  Rather than allow the funds to be redirected to clinics that offer comprehensive healthcare without abortion, Obama shut down the entire program, leaving thousands of low-income women without care. 
Not only has Obama rammed his abortion agenda through America, but has done so abroad, as well.  Set forth in “The Obama Administration’s Impact On American Women And Their Families” piece of campaign literature, Obama boasts his abortion support and success in reversing “the global gag rule, which banned the government from providing aid to international family planning groups that provided abortion information” and abortions.  
The president’s idea of “empowering” women on a worldwide scale reinforces his ardent support of abortion and its committers. Obama is more concerned with pushing his abortion agenda in the United States and abroad than delving into the reason why he is losing ground with women voters. 

No wonder the president is losing support among women voters. He has repeatedly confused abortion with empowerment and remains almost fanatical when it comes to abortion and abortion committers.


Obama is using women to advance his abortion agenda. And the only real concern he has for women is how they will help him on Election Day to continue his assault on the unborn.