Alicia Keys Praises Her Mother for Choosing Life

In an interview with CBS News regarding her recently released book “More Myself: A Journey,” singer-songwriter Alicia Keys expressed gratitude that her mother chose Life for her despite difficult circumstances.

Keys said that she was raised by her single mother, Terry Augello, who was working as a paralegal when she became pregnant.  Faced with financial difficulties, she considered having an abortion. Keys described that the decision was difficult for her mother.

“Even her mother said to her, ‘Terry, you never do anything easy,’” Keys said.  “She was making a really big choice. And at the time, I’m sure she didn’t even know why she was making that choice exactly.  But she knew it. She knew what she needed to do.”

Having chosen Life for her daughter, Augello raised Keys in one of the roughest neighborhoods in New York City called Hell’s Kitchen, “which looked like it sounds,” according to Keys.  She described living in Hell’s Kitchen as “hard, dangerous, difficult, scary.”

Remembering the sacrifices and struggles her mother faced to raise her, Keys thought of her own children.  “I can’t even imagine, as a mother today, me, sending my kid off into those streets. But if you had to, what are you going to do?  She had to go to work, I had to go to school. We had to live. That’s how it is.”

Growing up, Keys didn’t always understand her mother’s sacrifices, but says now “I’m so grateful to her for choosing me, and I really appreciate her.”

With the gift of Life, Keys has now become a successful singer-songwriter, has won 15 Grammy awards, married her husband, and is the mother of two children. 

Despite this, Alicia Keys is still pro-abortion, but we pray for her conversion and that her story may encourage others to choose Life.



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