Akin is right

Friend —

Congressman Akin misspoke, and anti-life zealots are twisting what he unintentionally said. I want you to know what's happening so that you can protect Life and expose their lies.
Rape is violent, traumatizing, and immoral. Yet, abortion cannot right that wrong.
Following one tragedy with another further jeopardizes the health of the woman and only compounds her emotional and psychological damage.
This past Sunday Congressman Todd Akin — who is now a candidate for U.S. Senate, running against an extremist, pro-abortion liberal — reaffirmed in a televised interview that he didn’t believe that abortion should be legal in cases of rape. Akin explained that the rapist should be the one punished for the crime, not the unborn child.
We need more Senators like him!
But when Akin further explained his position, he misspoke saying that women who are the victims of “legitimate rape” do not always conceive because of the trauma of the event.
The Left is lying when they say that Akin doesn’t understand what rape really is. I've heard on the liberal news channels that his position is “medieval.” Look at what the extreme leftist Debbie Wasserman Schultz said this evening to pro-abortion supporters:

“It's 2012. The entire Republican Party just said it wants a constitutional amendment telling rape survivors they don't get to make their own health care decisions. Democrats across the country are fighting back.”

Friend, our views to protect Life are being assaulted in the media right now because of the liberal venom. We need Pro-Lifers to be bold and stand up for LIFE instead of throwing a conservative who tells the truth under the bus!

The consequences are grim if we let liberals frame this debate about being a war on women.
Liberals are distracting from the real issue, which is Obama’s advocacy of unrestricted abortion to the point of infanticide.
Akin clarified what he meant with heartfelt apology, but the liberal media isn't talking about it.
Recognizing that unborn children should not be punished for the crimes of their fathers, Akin responded to the criticism on Mike Huckabee's radio show. Congressman Akin empathized with victimized women saying, “Rape is never legitimate. It is an evil act. It is committed by violent predators.”
Simply said!
The Left’s low and dishonest attack of Pro-Life Congressman Todd Akin (R – Missouri) is hypocritical. The abortion advocates, including Obama, are the ones out of touch with women. Congressman Akin is standing on principle by seeking to protect unborn children conceived through rape.
Please be bold and spread this message. Tell your friends, the media, and your church members that Akin is right. Abortion is not therapeutic, and will never promote real healing or equality for women.

Yours for Life,