Adoption options in Texas

Most people commonly associate Pro-Life issues with preventing abortion and protecting the rights of the unborn. However, the call to protect and preserve Life goes beyond the womb.

Right now, there are approximately 120,000 U.S. children and 6,000 in Texas who are in need of a loving family and place to call home. Adoption is an extension of the Pro-Life movement which holds the same belief that Life is sacred and should be cherished.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services adoption awareness campaign is called “Why Not You?” The campaign's objective is to ask families to lovingly consider adoption and raise awareness about the tremendous need for children to find a permanent, loving home.

Today, adoption can take many forms: domestic, international, public, private, open, or closed. But the greatest need is definitively found in the state foster care system. So often, a stigma is attached to these children as “undesirable”. Imagine a child being labeled as unworthy of deserving a home and parents to love. Chances are you know a friend, neighbor, coworker, or family member who has either chosen adoption or actually experienced the foster care system.

Many times, those who wish to adopt are filled with questions about the process and unsure where to turn. A great starting place is the internet. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website provides helpful information including questions, resources, and the overall adoption process. Visit [URL=””][/URL] to read about some of the children who are waiting in Texas right now to be adopted. If you feel that adoption might be right for you, here are some helpful suggestions:
[*]Research the different types of adoption available.
[*]Research agencies in your area thoroughly before choosing one.
[*]Contact the Better Business Bureau for a reliability report on the agencies.
[*]Once you choose an agency, request a copy of the agency's adoption program and services provided pre and post adoption.
[*]Keep records of all correspondence between you and your agency as well as copies of any documents submitted.
Adoption is a loving choice against abortion. Even if you decide against adoption, there are ways that everyone can make a difference in the lives of needy children.
[*]Consider foster care.
[*]Become a mentor through the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Program.
[*]Volunteer to work at a shelter.
[*]Coordinate efforts through your church to assist a local children's home.
[*]Find out about the Adoption and Orphan Care Initiative through Focus on the Family at [URL=””][/URL].
Will you help commit to protect life at all ages?