About your commitment to Life

The Texas Right to Life family reflects on you and your commitment to help us defend innocent human life throughout the year and especially at Thanksgiving.

We share an overwhelming sense of gratitude for you, your prayers, your activism, your families, your financial generosity, and the abundance of so much good in our lives. You may think that in a statewide organization like Texas Right to Life, that you are just a number. Not to us–we know the power of one individual to change the world, to affect the culture, and to advance the Kingdom.

I am grateful for every single action, kind word, and donation. I am grateful that you make your voices heard, that you respond to our calls for help within minutes, and that even when I am tired, you are not.

Without you, Texas Right to Life could not reach families facing end of life decisions; we could not empower pregnant women (and men) to choose life; we could not help Pro-Life incumbent Governor Perry be re-elected, and we could not recruit and train the next generation of leaders.

Without you, the Culture of Life would be absent in Texas. Thank you.

Know that I and Jim and Elizabeth and our whole staff are grateful for the sacrifices you make to support and defend life.

On Thanksgiving, my family rarely engages in small talk–how could we with all the impending threats to our culture and country via the assaults on life coming from Washington??? By the time desert is served, our family has covered family news, politics, football, religion, all the good stuff, and so much more. Our conversations may be spirited, but they are real.

During these tumultuous economic and political times, when we face advances by the culture of death–in which every life is at risk–born and unborn, meaningful conversations must occur. If your family is anything like the Graham's or the Texas Right to Life family, learn the facts so you can win others over for Life at Thanksgiving. And don't forget to do so with a grateful heart and positive message.

Visit www.TexasRightToLife.com for all the background information you'll need to win one for Life. While you give thanks to Him who provides all, remember that we will again need your action next week on the U.S. Senate's version of health care reform.

Thank you for everything you do, every day, on behalf of Texas Right to Life and the born, unborn, disabled, and vulnerable women, men, and families we serve and protect.

Yours for Life,

Dr. Joseph M. Graham