West Texas Town Declares Abortionists NOT WELCOME


Thanks be to God, there is an ongoing and growing trend of Texas cities taking action to permanently outlaw abortion in their communities. These cities are called Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.

The West Texas town of Goldsmith is now the 18th Texas city enforcing the Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance. 

By permanently outlawing abortion in their communities these proud Texan cities are saying, “We will never allow innocent children to be murdered by abortionists in our community.” These 18 cities are called “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” because they are safe havens in which human lives in the womb are protected and cherished as they should be. 

This local ordinance declares abortion to be murder and prohibits abortion facilities from opening in the community.

We are extremely proud and grateful of the good people of Goldsmith for their action to defend God’s most vulnerable children. 

Goldsmith’s decision to protect their children from abortion comes at a time when the multibillion abortion giant Planned Parenthood is targeting West Texas. After Pro-Life policies shuttered abortion facilities in West Texas, Planned Parenthood is dead set on reestablishing a presence in the region and killing innocent preborn children for profit. 

Tragically, Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible for more abortions than any other in the nation, opened a facility in Lubbock, Texas, in 2020. The people of Lubbock and Texans across the state responded in horror and justified outrage. The location is not yet committing abortions. Texas Right to Life is aiding in Lubbock’s efforts to dispel this evil from their community and make Lubbock a Sanctuary City for the Unborn. 

On May 1, Lubbockites will vote on an ordinance to add their community to the ranks of Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn. Lubbock would be the largest town to pass the ordinance. This would set a new precedent for larger cities to take bold action in the defense of the preborn. 

Abortion has no place in West Texas and the abortion-pushing Planned Parenthood is not welcome. That is the clear and bold message that Goldsmith has sent to any organization considering preying on their children. 

We will not allow Planned Parenthood to invade West Texas and further their diobolical abortion agenda in the great state of Texas. 

We praise God for the people of Goldsmith and we pray that all the cities of West Texas and across the state will follow their example to defend their preborn children and become a Sanctuary City for the Unborn. 

Join in this growing movement now and demand that your city defend innocent preborn children and never allow abortion to infect your community. 


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