Abortionist who popularized Partial-Birth Abortion denied petition for exemption from Ohio law, likely to go out of business

The Ohio abortion mill of Martin Haskell, who popularized the now-banned Partial-Birth (D&X) Abortion procedure, will likely close in the wake of a denied petition for variance in which Haskell sought to exempt his abortion mill, Women’s Med Center, from an Ohio state law that was established to protect the health and safety of women.  The provision requires that ambulatory surgical center (ASC) abortion mills possess a written transfer agreement with a local hospital.  The requirement ensures that women who suffer complications during an abortion that escalate to an emergency are able to receive ongoing care from a hospital.

Abortion mills may apply for a variance from the law if they can furnish written agreements with a satisfactory number of backup physicians available in case of abortion-related emergencies.  The variance can be granted if the number of backup physicians would provide round-the-clock coverage for the abortion mill in the way that a written transfer agreement would.

However, although he had several years to find backup physicians, Haskell actually lost one of the three he did have in 2012, with his most recent petitions listing only two.  This fact raised concerns with Richard Hodges, the Director of Health at the Ohio Department of Health (OHD).  “In my view,” Hodges said in the OHD’s denial of the request for variance, “two back-up physicians cannot meet the department’s expectation for 24/7 back-up coverage and uninterrupted continuity of care, as a WTA [written transfer agreement]would provide.”

In response to the OHD’s denial of Haskell’s petition for variance, Stephanie Ranade Krider of Ohio Right to Life stated:

It appears that Big Abortion will go to great lengths to falsely represent the traditional medical community’s support for him.  Abortion clinics consistently show themselves as the only ambulatory surgical facilities who are either unwilling or unable to comply with some of the most basic health standards.  Any attempt to show themselves as upholders and defenders of women’s safety has been completely thrown out the window.

Haskell’s lack of concern for human Life – maternal or preborn – has been evident for decades.  In 1992, Haskell presented a paper to the National Abortion Federation on his experience committing over seven hundred partial-birth (D&X) abortion procedures.  Haskell likely continued committing this gruesome act until Partial-Birth Abortion was banned during the Bush Administration.  However, according to the Women’s Med Center website, Haskell continues to commit late-term abortions (equally horrific D&E dismemberment abortions) to this day.

Haskell has managed to elude the transfer agreement requirement for years.  Women’s Med Center has 30 days to submit a new variance request or face being shut down by the Ohio Department of Health.