Abortionist taunts Pro-Lifers with body of an aborted baby in a plastic cup

On Saturday, an abortionist in Las Vegas, Nevada, confronted Pro-Life protestors with the remains of an aborted baby.  According to The Liberator, the scene took place in front of A-Z Women’s Center.  The Pro-Life protestors who captured the shocking video are part of the controversial group Abolish Human Abortion.

The abortionist, William Ramos, initially came out of the abortion mill to confront a Pro-Life couple talking to the occupants of a car driving into the parking lot.  After arguing with the protestors, Ramos went inside.  Later, he returned to argue with the protestors, this time carrying a plastic cup containing the remains of an aborted baby.

The clearly flustered abortionist attempted to “prove” that the child killed in abortion was not “human” by brandishing the plastic cup in the faces of the Pro-Life protestors.  Nick Hendrix was one of the protestors taunted by the abortionist.  Hendrix described the moment to The Liberator:

“He said, ‘I want to show you something in this cup.’  My stomach dropped because I then knew what was going to be in there,” Hendrix said.  Though he could see the mass of human tissue, he reported the baby was young enough that it was difficult to make out distinct features.  “It’s really hard for me to know exactly how old this baby was.  Likely he or she was very, very young.”

The blatant health and safety violation of carelessly mistreating human remains is horrifying to watch.  The desecration of human Life is even more horrifying.

In arguing with the Pro-Lifers, Ramos acknowledges that the preborn child is living, but insists he is not committing murder.  Ramos claims he is Jewish, which prompted protestors to quote from the Torah passages such as Exodus 21:22-25, in which the law prescribes retribution for taking the Life of a preborn child, “a life for a life.”  In a bizarre moment, the abortionist changes his argument entirely and says the preborn child is a human person but only if he or she is “wanted.”  He shouts, “I will risk my life to defend a pregnant woman… to defend her pregnancy when she wants it.  When she doesn’t want it anymore, this is what it is,” gesturing to the obscene cup containing the lifeless body of an aborted baby.

When protestors asked why the preborn child has no choice in the ending of his or her Life, Ramos responded angrily, “Because it can’t talk; it can’t speak; it can’t think; it can’t feel!”  To which a Pro-Lifer replies, “That’s the reason we should fight for them.”

The disturbing scene with abortionist William Ramos shows the callous disregard for human Life necessary in the abortion industry.  Ramos demonstrates the illogic of the culture of death, which claims that human Life is arbitrarily determined by other people’s desires and judgments.  Abortion is the destruction of a unique human Life, whether or not the child is “wanted.”  No child should ever be abused in the manner shown in this shocking video.