Abortionist: I love that my little girls think abortion is “normal”

Recently, abortion activists at RH Reality Check shared a purported conversation between an abortionist and her two young daughters on social media.  The girls, ages 7 and 4, were having a dinner conversation with their mom about what she did at work.  The abortionist told her daughters that she “saw pregnant women and girl who didn’t want to be pregnant.”

When pressed for more details, the abortionist sanitized the description of what she does when she commits an abortion.  She tells her little girls: “I did a procedure – like a little surgery – to remove the pregnancy.”

Notice how the word ‘pregnancy’ – which is a state of being – has been hijacked to hide the gruesome reality of what the abortionist does when she removes a living human being, piece-by-piece, from the womb of his mother?  In the abortion movement’s unreality, even language must kowtow to the agenda of an industry that profits from death.

Amidst their mom’s wordplay, the girls likely did not comprehend that their mom was admitting to terminating the lives of young children not much smaller than themselves on a daily basis.  Disturbingly, the 4-year-old seems to have been so oblivious to her mom’s obfuscating language that she tells her mom that the uterus is where “babies” are.

Mom, however, carries on in her illusion that her children could somehow understand the meaning of ‘abortion’ when she herself will not even divulge the details of the act.  She gushes to her audience: “Love my job, love my smart, curious girls who are learning all about their bodies, and about abortion like it’s a normal part of women’s healthcare.”

This eerie dinnertime conversation demonstrates that abortion is anything but “a normal part of women’s healthcare.”