Abortionist condemns dismemberment abortion ban, compares preborn children to cancer

Preborn children are the same thing as cancer; that is what one abortionist thinks, and the comparison helps him to rationalize horrific dismemberment abortions.  One of the abortion industry’s old tactics for normalizing abortion is to compare abortion to medical procedures that have a beneficial outcome for the patient.  Last summer, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards compared abortions to colonoscopies, for example. 

Now, in the wake of two Life-saving dismemberment abortion bans in the United States, abortionist David A. Grimes has compared dismemberment (D&E) abortion to mastectomies.  “D and E abortion is not a problem any more than a mastectomy is a problem,” said Grimes.  “Both are solutions to a problem.”

One needs only basic critical thinking skills to detect the lie in that statement.  If mastectomies and abortions are both solutions to a problem, then what logically follows is that both cancer and preborn children are both Life-threatening intruders of a woman’s body. 

We can define our terms to determine whether that is true.  What is cancer?  According to the American Cancer Society, cancer consists of abnormal cells growing out of control.  Untreated, “cancers can cause serious illness and death.”  What is a preborn child?  According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a preborn child (“fetus” – the term for the preborn who are killed in late-term dismemberment abortions) is “a human being in the later stages of development before it is born.”

Humans in utero are comprised of cells that are directed to a specific purpose, which grow in a very controlled manner to form the totality of the human being that is ultimately delivered at birth (or death, in the case of an abortion).  Even when a baby has a chromosomal abnormality or disability, the child is not made out of dangerous cancer cells.  The cells that comprise a preborn child are categorically different from those of the wild, abnormal cells whose growth attacks the bodies of cancer victims. 

Grimes’ cognitive dissonance is disturbing, and, surpassing the politicians and abortion lobbyists who have harangued the Pro-Life movement and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback for signing the dismemberment abortion ban in his state, Dr. Grimes takes the vitriol further.  Projecting his disdain on both Pro-Life advocates and cancer patients alike, Grimes suggests that the beautifully-purposed growth of cells that is a preborn child is somehow the same thing as the out-of-control attack cells that kill cancer victims with every passing day.  The comparison is an example of the abortion lobby’s willingness to throw anyone –even cancer patients—under the bus to further their abortion no-matter-what agenda.