Abortionist accused of beating girlfriend and trying to forcibly abort his own child

Abortionist Eric Kfir Yahav has been accused by his former girlfriend of violence and attempting to forcibly abort their child.  Watch the video below to see snippets of his outbursts – cut short, his girlfriend says, when Yahav would snatch her phone and stop the recording.

Yahav is associated with the shoddy and illegally operating abortionist Steven Brigham, whose crimes came to light after he horribly botched a young girl’s abortion and authorities discovered his freezer smeared with blood and stuffed with the bodies of many dead babies.  There is well-documented evidence that Yahav worked for Brigham.  He now works at Cherry Hill Women’s Center in New Jersey—the abortion mill at which Emily Letts filmed herself undergoing an abortion.  In fact, Yahav may have been Letts’ abortionist.

In addition to allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend and intimidating her 8-year-old son, Yahav also attempted to forcibly abort the couple’s child.  He took her to his Cherry Hill abortion mill after hours, where she says the staff “let her down”:

Mary was sure the clinic staff would refuse to allow the abortion if she was beyond the legal limit so she asked for an ultrasound exam, but started to worry when the technician would not let her see the screen.  Mary was told that she was only 13 weeks pregnant.

“I told her that was not possible. . .I asked again to see [the ultrasound]and she refused and I asked to leave.  Things got bad in the car and at home,” Mary said.

Mary explained how again the abortion clinic staff she expected to protect her let her down.  She said Yahav scheduled another abortion appointment for her at another location, but this time Mary called the clinic and told them they put her in an unsafe position.  However, the clinic worker only laughed at her and did not take her seriously.

She also alleges that Yahav pushed her down stairs when she refused an abortion, slapped and kicked her, choked her, and threw a cereal bowl at her head.

Yahav’s girlfriend obtained a protective order in December, when she was twenty weeks pregnant.  She has moved out of Yahav’s home with her other young son to a safe location.

For many years, the abortion movement’s mantra was “Safe, legal, and rare.”  Once they realized that “rare” conflicted with their marketing message that abortion was awesome, that part of the mantra was dropped.  Now the message is “safe and legal.”  But how safe can abortion be when botched procedures are commonplace, and your friendly neighborhood abortionist kicks his pregnant girlfriend down stairs and tries to forcibly abort her baby?  Abortion isn’t safe or rare.  Abortion is only legal – and that’s what we’re working hard to change.