Abortion queen eyes congressional run six years after infamous filibuster

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the infamous filibuster that made Texas’ most reviled abortion activist a national name.  On June 25, 2013, “Abortion Queen” Wendy Davis briefly gained notoriety when she stood in her pink sneakers to demand that the act of ending the lives of pain-capable preborn babies remain legal in Texas.

The anniversary is a reminder of how much is at stake.  Even in Texas, a strongly Pro-Life state, the abortion mob has a growing throng of anti-Life radicals seeking to “turn Texas blue.”  Perhaps there is no more notable reminder of this grim reality than the fact that Davis herself is reportedly considering a run against Pro-Life champion Chip Roy.

Some may think that Davis – failed gubernatorial candidate and political has-been – does not stand a chance in a congressional race in Texas, but we cannot be overconfident.  We’ve seen the lengths to which the abortion mob will go in order to push their candidates in Texas elections.  There is no telling what New York and California’s abortion activists will do in 2020.

Is Davis really the radically anti-Life candidate we’ve suggested?  There is no doubt.  Without shame, Davis stood on the Senate floor for 11 hours demanding that preborn babies at five months post-fertilization be left without legal protection from violent death.  Davis became nationally known as someone who supports the legality of a procedure that violently dismembers a living child with a beating heart.  She has shown time and again that her core commitment in the political arena is to the defense of the truly indefensible, the killing of innocent and defenseless preborn children.

Davis has portrayed herself as the voice of the silent majority, a representative for all Texas women.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  What Davis calls the “people’s filibuster” more accurately represents the infiltration of a fringe group into our Pro-Life state.  The vast majority of Texans support protecting pain-capable preborn babies from the excruciating pain of being violently killed in an elective abortion.  The groundswell of support for the lifesaving Dismemberment Abortion Ban attests to this fact.

When people know the reality of elective abortion and recognize the humanity of the preborn child, only those truly deluded by the lies of the abortion mob continue to support the elective killing of preborn human beings.  Davis is the perfect mouthpiece for the anti-Life radicals, recycling dishonest soundbites about the “necessity” of elective abortion for women’s success.

Despite Davis’ attempt at a populist narrative in which Texas is an anti-Life state and she is its liberator, we know this account is not true.  In reality, Davis’ filibuster became known as the “people’s filibuster” because Davis did not fully run out the clock, and an unruly mob of abortion supporters, who later chanted “Hail Satan,” drowned out the Senate vote before the midnight deadline.  The hundreds of bused in rent-a-protesters do not represent Texas.

The greatest indication of the true, Pro-Life character of Texas is the fact that Davis has yet to succeed in any of her aims.  Following Davis’ disgraceful mob-orchestrated “filibuster,” Pro-Life Rick Perry called a second special session, and the legislation passed as the historic Pro-Life Omnibus Bill of 2013, House Bill 2.  While some of the health and safety standards in the omnibus bill were struck down by the Supreme Court, the abortion industry has never legally challenged the protection of pain-capable preborn babies directly and the ban of elective abortion after 20 weeks still stands in Texas.

Most pain-capable preborn babies in Texas are still protected from elective abortion.  Now is the time to ensure that Davis and the abortion mob once again fail to advance in our state.  On the anniversary of her attempted filibuster, Pro-Life Texans need to rally in defense of Life.

Beat the abortion mob in 2020.  Give now.