Abortion proponents rally as Planned Parenthood investigation begins

On Tuesday, the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee entertained testimony regarding recent videos released showing Planned Parenthood engaging in the practice of fetal tissue harvesting for profit.

While the abortion giant refused to testify before the committee, despite being invited, abortion activists rallied in defense of Planned Parenthood and “women’s health.”

In Texas, two investigations – thus far – have been launched into the abortion business for placing their bottom line before the health and safety of women by allegedly altering abortion procedures in order to harvest preborn babies’ body parts intact.

Those who stood outside the legislature either refuse to accept the abortion giant is guilty of any wrongdoing, or they are unfazed by Planned Parenthood manipulating women and abortion procedures solely for monetary gain.  Regardless of their motives, those who blindly follow Planned Parenthood clearly have no intention of really standing for women’s health.  If they did, they’d welcome the truth.  Women and children will be better cared for without Planned Parenthood, because Planned Parenthood actually puts profits above the women for whom they “fight.”  Profit.  No matter what.