Abortion propaganda does not work in Texas

“Extremely hostile to abortion,” is the description of Texas by Planned Parenthood’s research arm.

The abortion propaganda machine, known officially as the Guttmacher Institute, released a new infographic in their “State Trends 2016” series.  The graphic illustrates the change in sentiment towards abortion that has occurred in the United States in the last ten years.  In 2006, the graphic shows only two states – Mississippi and Ohio – as being extremely hostile to abortion.  Fast forward to January 2017 with the map now showing 22 states fall into the category “extreme.”

According to Guttmacher’s graphic, Texas has evolved from hostile to extremely hostile. And for good reason.  Since 2006, Texas has led the charge and enacted strong Pro-Life legislation dramatically reducing the abortion rate, saving tens of thousands of innocent lives.

What Guttmacher calls hostile, Texas calls common sense.

Enacting legislation requiring parental involvement in a minor’s abortion decision empowers both the young mother and her parents to be better equipped for such a life-changing circumstance.  Medically accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, and resources available actually prepares a woman to make a fully-informed decision, instead of the rushed process by which the abortion industry shepherds her through.

Texas women are now given the opportunity to see their unborn child via ultrasound before they make the decision to follow through with a procedure that will forever change both lives.  And a preborn baby at 5 months is protected from the barbaric procedure that would pull her limb from limb.

Funds have been allocated to help women and their families receive care and services through pregnancy resource centers, and Texas tax dollars are no longer used to fund any entity promoting or committing abortion, nor organizations affiliated with them.

All this is only seen as “hostile” to abortion, because Guttmacher and Planned Parenthood are in fact hostile to truly empowering women, saving the preborn children they aim to kill, and cutting into their bottom line.

Because what’s the opposite of hostile?  Favorable, helpful, pleasant, and kind.  Yes, Texas favors the Life of a preborn child over her destruction through abortion.  Texas helps women during difficult circumstances and seeks to enact more legislation that empowers women to make the decision to give their babies Life.

So if Guttmacher, in all their propaganda pushing glory, wants to criticize Texas as not just hostile, but extremely hostile to abortion, Texans will wear that badge with honor.   As Texas continues caring and fighting for the lives of preborn babies, one wonders what adjective Guttmacher will come up with next to describe Texas’ unfettered commitment to the Culture of Life.