Abortion facility tells mother she can abort 37-week for $17,000 and have Medicaid pay for her baby’s death


A notorious late-term abortion facility was caught on tape offering to kill a woman’s 37-week preborn baby for $17,000.  The undercover investigation was filmed by the Pro-Life group Abortion Free New Mexico.  In the video, a pregnant mother, Felicia, visited Southwestern Women’s Options Late Term Abortion Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Southwestern Women’s Options commits abortions up to 28 weeks in pregnancy, a gruesome practice that endangers women’s lives.  Earlier this year, Keisha Marie Atkins died from complications of a late-term abortion at that facility.

For the undercover video, Abortion Free New Mexico spokesman, Bud Shaver, explains, Felicia had previously received two prenatal tests indicating that her preborn son, Jonah, had Trisomy 18, also known as Edwards’ Syndrome.  Trisomy 18 carries a wide range of developmental delays and potentially life-threatening health conditions.  Because of the prenatal diagnosis, Shaver said, Felicia was the “ideal operative” for approaching Southwestern Women’s Options.  Shaver writes,

During her consultation with Susana Estorga, a clinic employee, Estorga counsels Felicia and prepares her for the 4 day long procedure that begins with an injection into the womb through either the abdominal wall or vaginally.  This injection causes a fetal heart attack that stops the baby’s heart over the course of 4-6 grueling hours.

After describing the gruesome and barbaric process of killing a fully-formed, viable baby in the ninth month of pregnancy, Estorga tells Felicia the cost of the procedure is $17,000.  As WND writer Bob Unruh notes, late-term abortions are the most expensive and are most likely the most profitable for abortionists.  Shockingly, Estorga also gives Felicia contact information for a woman who can assist her with obtaining New Mexico Medicaid in order to have the death of her preborn child paid for with state tax dollars.  Ironically, Felicia would be seeking “emergency pregnancy Medicaid,” in order to pay for the violent termination of her pregnancy which would result in Jonah’s death.


Felicia did not return to the clinic.  What is more, a mere two days after the scheduled date of Felicia’s staged abortion, Felicia went into labor and her son, Jonah, was born with no signs of Trisomy 18.

The shocking footage captured by Abortion Free New Mexico, thanks to Felicia’s brave undercover work, reveals the horror of late-term abortion happening in our own country.  As Felicia told Tara Shaver in a follow-up interview, “Women actually get abortions that late.  Especially really late-term, like the day-of or the day before you’re going to have a baby, they’re willing to do it [abort the baby].  There’s no awareness about that.”

The video also shows the extent of the deadly discrimination against people who may have a disability.  Felicia says she was told to abort her son on three separate occasions during her pregnancy.  She says, “There was also pressure because they’re telling me all the stuff I’m going to deal with if I kept this baby.  But not once when I talked to a genetic counselor did I hear there’s people who keep their babies…and before they die they enjoy their babies as much as they can.”  Prenatal genetic testing can be wrong, as Jonah proves, and more importantly every child, no matter the disability, cannot lose his or her fundamental Right to Life.

The undercover footage from New Mexico shows the lengths to which the abortion industry will go to profit from the death of the preborn.  Share this video to spread the word.


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  1. I can’t even listen to this whole post. I support the Right to Life, and I know how awful it is.
    These butcher shops need to go if we want to be a clean nation.