Abortion extremists are blatantly lying to keep abortion in sex trafficking bill

Is the phrase, “abortion activists lied” starting to stound like a broken record?  Lying and bullying are the abortion lobby’s go-to tactics for maintaining their abortion no-matter-what status quo.  And this time, their lie may cost victims of sex trafficking the justice they deserve.

Victims of sex trafficking and their advocates have long hoped for strengthened legal measures that would bring justice and rehabilitation to the many women (and men) who have been forced into inhumane sex work in the United States.  In 2013, one such measure, the “Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act,” was introduced in Congress.  The legislation, which has reached an impasse, contains language that blocks federal funds from paying for the abortions of victims of sex trafficking (as is the norm per the decades-old federal Hyde Amendment).

The abortion lobby has called the measure a “ridiculous accounting gimmick,” but legislators who respect human life hold that forcing the government to pay for the commission of abortion does nothing to help the victims of sex trafficking.  And the legislation does nothing – absolutely nothing – to prevent a woman from undergoing an elective abortion. 

Nevertheless, abortion extremists contend that there is essentially no difference between refusing to pay for abortions and refusing to allow women access to abortions.  These extremists have gone so far as to audaciously lie, stating: “Senator Cornyn refuses to support it [the legislation]unless survivors are denied access to abortion care.”  Watch the video below to see the spin that lobbyists at NARAL Pro-Choice America have placed on the logjam:

But the truth is the polar opposite: Senate Democrats (and rabid abortion lobbyists) refuse to support the bill unless the language that protects federal funds from being used to kill children is removed

Although Texas Senator John Cornyn has worked tirelessly to achieve a version of the bill that is acceptable to Democrats without betraying the dignity of the Lives affected by sex trafficking, Democrats have admitted that their resistance is motivated by dedication to their status quo.  Anti-Life Democrats have been candid that conceding their commitment to abortion no-matter-what would be too great a blow to their dwindling power, especially since they “ran on the right to choose.” 

Said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat and co-sponsor with Sen. Cornyn of the original, bi-partisan bill:

You know, many of us ran on the right to choose.  I was one of them.  I am old enough to have seen the way it was before, to have sentenced women who committed illegal abortions with coat hangers.  That is sort of the systemic root of all of this.  It is our history, senator.  We are trying to change that history, and we keep losing.

According to Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Feinstein has supported the bill and the federal Hyde amendment many times in her career.  Nevertheless, she is now buckling to rabid heat from anti-Life lobbyists in Washington.  “I think it is a terrible shame,” said Sen. Cornyn, “that my colleague’s side of the aisle has decided to take this bill hostage to try to litigate something that has been the law of the land for 39 years.”

Unfortunately, the bill seems to be one more, sorry example of anti-Life legislators’ prioritization of their abortion status quo above victims of sex trafficking, who will continue to suffer unless Democrats loosen their death grip on the bill.