Abortion business takes credit for re-electing favorite president

Planned Parenthood has taken credit for pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s re-election by openly admitting that their political action committee’s plan relied on partisan scare-tactics. 

The abortion conglomerate has been a long-time favorite of Barack Obama, and they were more than willing to spend whatever they had to make sure that their best supporter re-won the presidency – to the tune of $15 million. 

Spending an outrageous amount of money, however, was not enough. The abortion giant had to cleave to the overly-used scare-tactic of the “War on Women,” claiming that members of the Republican Party — and the Pro-Life Romney/Ryan ticket — would take away abortion and women’s access to free abortion-inducing birth control. And if you listened hard enough, Planned Parenthood made it seem like Mitt Romney and his Republican cohorts wanted to take away a woman’s right to vote and her very livelihood!

Planned Parenthood executive vice president Dawn Laguens told an Emily’s List post-election panel that Planned Parenthood’s strategy was very simple: to keep undecided women’s minds preoccupied with abortion and birth control until the very last minute – until they were forced to make a decision.

“[W]e could kind of hold them in 'undecided', in particularly in the presidency, by making Mitt Romney questionable in their mind on our set of issues,” Laguens said.

Holding women politically hostage based on the notion that they couldn’t make up their minds for themselves, but rather had to rely on someone else is a pro-woman mindset? That’s news to me.

Planned Parenthood and their cronies claim to care about women, but if all they cared about was using women as pawns to elect Obama and further their life-ending business, they certainly don’t think as highly of women as they scream they do. By their own admission, women were just a stepping stone to something better, a prop to be used, the means to an end. And they got their end: four more years of destructive anti-woman and anti-child policies that will further the money-obsessed abortion business.

But after all, that’s what “women’s rights” is really all about.

Planned Parenthood can pander all they want to their favorite president, but Pro-Life states like Texas will continue to fight the abortion giant – and we will continue to win. With Pro-Life victories throughout Texas, we maintained a strong Pro-Life hold in the state House and won a Pro-Life majority in the state Senate.

Texas is ready to take the charge and lead the nation as a Pro-Life stronghold. Won’t you join us?