Abortion business offends grieving parents, claims abortion is the same as miscarriage

The holiday season can be an especially difficult time for parents grieving pregnancy and infant loss.  The joy of family traditions is sometimes a painful reminder of the indescribable loss of their children and the hopes that they had for celebrating each year with them.

Planned Parenthood abortion business chose this sensitive time of year to share an anti-Life article describing miscarriage and abortion as “the same.”  The article, posted on Romper and written by abortion advocate Danielle Campoamor,  stunned people on social media with claims that abortion and miscarriage are essentially the same.  Campoamor writes, “There is a common misconception that the mom who miscarries is a very different person than the woman who aborts, but I’m here to say there is no difference.”  Planned Parenthood shared the quote on Twitter with a link to the article.

Many parents who have suffered the loss of miscarriage were quick to call out Planned Parenthood on the false and offensive nature of the quote.  Perhaps the significant fact that Planned Parenthood profits from elective abortion contributed to the justification for sharing such an insensitive piece; this abortion business kills more than 320,000 preborn babies through elective abortion each year.  Choosing to intentionally end the Life of an innocent preborn child is not the same as experiencing the loss of a preborn child through miscarriage.

Campoamor does seem to acknowledge this fact when she explains the difference between her decision to end a child’s Life in an elective abortion and her experience of three miscarriages.  Yet, despite this acknowledgement, the only difference Campoamor focuses on is a difference she claims exists in society’s perception of miscarriage and abortion.  She says she can’t understand “why this outcome [miscarriage]of pregnancy elicits so much understanding and empathy, while another outcome — abortion — elicits so much hatred and judgment.”  She paints Pro-Lifers with a broad brush, claiming that the Pro-Life movement condemns women who have undergone abortions.

The reality is that the abortion industry, not the Pro-Life movement, undermines the grief of miscarriage and ignores the emotional pain of an abortion decision.  The abortion industry in the advertising effort to “normalize” abortion insists that women who have undergone abortion cannot grieve.  The difficult and painful emotions many women experience in the decades following an abortion decision are ignored by the people who profited from their children’s deaths.  Pro-Life groups emphatically offer to love both the mother and the child, including women suffering following an abortion.

The abortion industry is not the side of choice; most women turn to abortion when they feel they have no other choice.  The Pro-Life movement affirms the pain and loss of miscarriage and also reaches out to women experiencing grief of abortion.  Although those are different experiences that should not be compared, Pro-Lifers can offer all parents hope and healing because in all situations we acknowledge the unique and precious Life of every preborn child.

If you are a mother or father who has suffered the incredible loss of miscarriage, the confidential Miscarriage Matters Facebook page is ready to provide support.  If you or a loved one is suffering after an abortion, you are not alone.  Contact Silent No More or Rachel’s Vineyard for more information about resources in your area.