Abortion advocates want mothers to think abortion is their only option

Earlier this year, Google announced new rules for pregnancy resource centers advertising through the site.  Following the rule change, when pregnancy resource center ads appear in search results for terms related to abortion, there is a disclaimer under the ad: “Does not provide abortions.”  The reason for this disclaimer appears to be aiding abortion businesses advertising to women in crisis pregnancies by discouraging them from contacting pregnancy resource centers that will provide legitimate options and resources, empowering mothers in crisis to choose Life.

Despite this blatantly anti-Life move at the behest of the abortion lobby, abortion activists still think Google isn’t doing enough to aid the abortion industry.  A good example of this attitude is a recent column in the Guardian, which was so biased in approach that the article referred to crisis pregnancy centers exclusively with scare quotes.  They are not “crisis pregnancy centers” but legitimate places offering resources and support for women unexpectedly pregnant or pregnant in difficult circumstances who want something other than abortion.

There is a clear need for these services.  Abortion businesses are just that: abortion businesses.  They do not connect clients with social services, teach parenting classes, foster lasting friendships, or provide necessities like car seats, maternity clothes, diapers, and formula.

Something else abortion businesses do not do is provide medically accurate information about the development of a mother’s preborn baby or offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.  This is where abortion activists take issue with Google; when someone searches for terms not explicitly related to abortion, such as “pregnancy symptoms” or “free pregnancy test,” pregnancy resource center ads appear without the disclaimer “Does not provide abortions.”  And abortion activists are losing their minds over this.

The article in the Guardian claims, “The loophole means only users who are specifically searching under the term ‘abortion’ will be provided information on Google’s website about whether a particular health care clinic does – or does not – offer the procedure to women.”  Anti-Lifers assume that any woman seeking to establish whether or not she is pregnant needs information about abortion.  They want to intimidate women from contacting pregnancy resource centers, which provide medically accurate information about abortion as well as information about alternatives, on the basis of the fact that they do not commit abortions.  

The Guardian piece rages that the lack of a disclaimer means women “might mistake a crisis pregnancy center for an abortion clinic.”  This statement relies on aspersions about pregnancy resource centers that are a tired trope of anti-Life activists.  The abortion mob acts as though pregnancy resource centers are capturing vulnerable women and subjecting them to brainwashing with some even going so far as to protest pregnancy resource centers with bizarre signs like “Fake clinics harass and lie to women.” 

In the Guardian piece, for example, Alice Huling, counsel for an anti-Life group, said pregnancy resource centers were “trying to trick women about their reproductive health options.”  This is backward; the abortion industry is the one out to trick mothers into thinking that their vulnerable and defenseless child is merely a “clump of cells” and that they won’t feel unimaginable guilt and regret after choosing to end their child’s life in a violent and unnecessary procedure that stops a beating human heart.  

Furthermore, the abortion industry is the side that stands to gain financially.  If a mother decides to end her child’s life, she becomes a paying customer.  Pregnancy resource centers have no such incentive.  Most are run entirely on private donations and relationships with local churches and communities.  They do not see mothers and their babies as a potential addition to the bottom line but as human beings who deserve the truth.  

The greatest rebuttal to abortion activists attempting to further suppress and smear Pro-Life pregnancy centers is the words of mothers who have benefitted from them.  As one client said, “I don’t feel judged.  I just feel loved and supported.”  While big tech caves under pressure from Big Abortion, Pro-Lifers need to work harder than ever to get the word out, to volunteer, and to stand in defense of pregnancy resource centers.  Mothers and babies are counting on us.

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