Abortion advocates try to define Pro-Life initiatives, fail miserably

In an attempt to help their readership understand “what anti-abortion lawmakers really mean” when passing Pro-Life legislation, the progressive blog ThinkProgress has decided to reveal the secrets behind such laws.

ThinkProgress’ ever-present push for abortion on demand and their hatred of anyone in the Pro-Life movement is nothing new.  Now the blog has compiled a dictionary of sorts to show what those big, bad, baby-loving legislators truly stand for in Your Glossary To Decoding The GOP’s Anti-Abortion Rhetoric.

ThinkProgress sought to define why Pro-Life advocates do what we do, but they fail pretty miserably.  The blog tried to conquer crisis pregnancy centers, informed consent laws, and raising abortion center standards.  Below is just one of the blog’s bogus definitions behind Pro-Life laws:

Fetal pain laws
Nebraska was the first state to pass a 20-week ban on abortion, relying on the medically disputed assumption that fetuses can feel pain after that point… But don’t be fooled.  The idea that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks of pregnancy is junk science, even though the anti-abortion community continues to tout it as fact.  In reality, fetal pain bans represent a dangerous step toward rolling back women’s constitutional right to an abortion.

The science behind laws protecting pain-capable unborn children is not “junk,” but rather documented evidence with years of research that shows an unborn child reacts to painful stimuli in the womb.  Myriad publications have documented the existence of real pain felt by unborn children, but abortion advocates refute the evidence. 

The development of the human person shows that all the necessary components are in place for actual pain to be experienced by the child.  To deny the truth and the facts surrounding the unborn child, it serves as testimony that they care not about the woman, but rather furthering the society-damaging practice of abortion.

A sliver of truth lies in the ThinkProgress definition: laws that protect pain-capable unborn children are a step to restoring full humanity to the unborn child and overturning Roe v. Wade.  Knowing a pre-born child feels real and excruciating pain while being ripped apart during an abortion should be enough to show people the evils of abortion and allowing these fully human pre-born children to be protected.

ThinkProgress will continue to prop up the falsehoods and deceptive nature of the abortion industry, but the Pro-Life movement will be here to shine light on their lies and their continuous attacks.