Abortion advocates in denial, rally for trust and access while denying respect to women and children

Anti-Life advocates once again descended upon the Texas Capitol on Thursday in mob-like fashion sporting orange and shouting tired slogans.

Abortion pushers across the state recently organized the Trust. Respect. Access. campaign as a counter-measure to the Life-affirming, Life-saving legislation passed by Texas in recent years.  As a coalition, the ACLU of Texas, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, Texas Freedom Network, Texas Research Institute, and Whole Women’s Health are ready to force their radical agenda on Texas.

The rally offered speeches that recycled tired talking points often made by the abortion left while trying to put a new spin on their failing policies.  Abortion providers, such as Whole Women’s Health CEO Amy Hagstrom-Miller, lamented that the effects of House Bill 2 (the Pro-Life, pro-woman legislation passed in 2013) disproportionally harm poor, young, rural people in Texas from accessing elective abortion.

Hagstrom-Miller conveniently omitted that large portions of their market share have ceased because unsafe, ill-complying abortion clinics have shuttered their doors. Thus, leaving the abortion industry’s wallet a little lighter because of the inability to effectively target poor, minority communities by “servicing” these Texans with hazardous clinics.

In what this “coalition” is calling a multi-year, public policy campaign, the abortion left seeks to undo all the progress that has been made to protect preborn babies and women from the harmful results of elective abortion. 

Joined by a few Texas legislators, these abortion-pushers waxed poetic about the lack of ability to kill preborn children – even in unclean clinics.  Senators Jose Rodriguez (D-El Paso) and Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston) spoke about the anti-Life legislation (SB 730 and SB 707) that has been filed which would effectively undo all the provisions enacted under HB 2.  Representative Chris Turner (D-Arlington) advocated for legislation (HB 1351) that would undermine parents’ rights to determine their children’s education.  And Representative Donna Howard (D-Austin) expounded on her legislation (HB 1210) that would allow doctors and abortion providers to select which parts of HB 2 they would like to comply with and which parts of the Texas law they would like to ignore.

Each of the speakers angrily spoke of the Pro-Life gains made and supported by the majority of Texans, yet the abortion left refuses to allow the protection of women and children to come before the bottom line of their bank account.

Hagstrom-Miller stated that they are “prepared to take HB 2 all the way to the Supreme Court if [they]have to.”  What she fails to realize and accept is that Texas will not back down and we are ready and equipped with some of the strongest and most ardent defenders of Life to stand and advocate for the lives of ALL innocent human Texans.