Abortion activists vandalize cars, set fire to buildings in violent protest that leaves dozens injured

On International Women’s Day, abortion activists once again demonstrated the violence and destructive nature of their anti-Life ideology.  March 8, International Women’s Day, has, in many parts of the world, been taken over by abortion extremists to push for unlimited, taxpayer-funded elective abortion.

In Mexico City, women protesting on International Women’s Day unleashed violence on police, crowds, and reporters alike.  The march through Mexico City on Sunday drew an estimated 80,000 people, many wearing green bandanas meant to symbolize support for abortion.  Quickly, the event turned violent. Women in green bandanas were seen taking hammers to the windshields of cars, ripping down banners and lighting them on fire, vandalizing public buildings and churches, and throwing explosives.

Authorities said the violent day left at least 65 people injured, some with burns.  All the injured people were in stable condition and none had life-threatening injuries.  Nonetheless, many of the injuries were serious. According to Reuters, protesters threw homemade explosive devices into the crowds.  The outlet states, “One of the homemade bombs burst amid a cluster of protesters, setting the pants of a female photographer from newspaper El Universal on fire.  The newspaper said she was hospitalised with second-degree burns.” A journalist posted video of the shocking events.

Some reports have made much of counter-protesters who allegedly made Nazi salutes and had “shaved heads.”  The Catholic News Agency notes that these violent and offensive gestures appeared to be limited to a handful of men who seemed to have no affiliation with the peaceful counter-protesters who gathered to protect church buildings.  CNA writes, “Some media reports mentioned counter-protesters making Nazi salutes outside the cathedral.  Three such persons were observed by journalists from ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner, all of whom apparently left the site once the melee began.  Those counter-protesters did not appear to be affiliated with the cathedral parishioners outside the church.”

The counter-protesters were gathered to protect the cathedral after violent pro-abortion rioters promoting abortion previously tried to set fire to the church.  Churchgoers in other parts of Mexico also organized to defend themselves and church buildings from violent protesters.  According to reports, significant damage was reported on churches in Xalapa, Campeche, and Hermosillo by Monday, March 9. 

Sadly, the marches in Mexico City and other parts of Mexico were not only to demand expanded elective abortion but also to protest the increase in violence against women.  Over the past five years, the number of women killed through homicide has risen 137% in Mexico. One protester told Reuters, “They’re killing 10 women a day — the ones that we know about — in the country I’ve lived in my whole life, it’s unacceptable.” 

Several high profile cases of violent crimes committed against young women and girls have brought greater public awareness to the growing problem.  Sadly, violent feminist groups have united with the international abortion industry to attempt to combat the real and growing problem and violence against women.

Around the world, the abortion industry has aided abusers and violence against women.  The violence and destruction demonstrated by abortion supporters in protests like that in Mexico City and other parts of the world are the result of the anti-Life worldview that demands the killing of preborn babies to ensure women’s “empowerment” and “equality.”  As long as the protesters insist that women’s safety and liberation must come at the cost of their preborn children’s lives, they will remain violent, divisive, and counter-productive.  All women, including preborn women in the womb, deserve the Right to Life and full legal protection.



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