Abortion Activists Strip, Disrupt Houston Church Service

Three abortion activists infiltrated a Houston Joel Osteen church service to publicly strip and shout abortion propaganda.

As Osteen finished leading a prayer and prepared to deliver his sermon three women were filmed standing up and stripping to their underwear in the middle of the packed auditorium.

“It’s my body! My f—–g choice!” and “It’s my body! My choice! Overturn Roe, h— no!” the women began screaming repeatedly.

After some shock and confusion, church security intervened and escorted the women out as they continued to shout.

As the women exited, Osteen can be heard saying, “and we’ll wait just one moment here but God is good and he’s on the throne and he’s in control,” as the congregation erupted into applause to drown out the women’s screams.

The three women joined about a dozen other abortion protestors outside the church.

The protestors and women who stripped wore green bandanas which associates them with the “Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights” group that advocates for “abortion on demand and without apology.” The goal of this group is to engage in “civil disobedience” to eliminate all legal protections of preborn babies from brutal deaths through abortion.

The group claiming responsibility for the women who stripped in church explained their actions were part of these women’s “orientation” into the group.  

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