Abortion activists play dress-up to get attention, ignore real pro-woman legislation

This week, radical abortion activists tried to make a bold statement by playing dress-up.  The Texas Senate gallery hosted a flock of abortion activists wearing floor-length red robes.  The eccentric choice of dress was apparently inspired by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

While the dress-up gimmick received a bit of buzz from fellow abortion activists online, legislators and Capitol staffers seemed unfazed by the antics.  No one was surprised.  Anyone who has been under the Pink Dome for a session of the Texas Legislature has seen the same tactics before.  Paid protestors and abortion radicals have been known to dress in absurd costumes, such as: a uterus, masked witches, Satanists, hospital patients, birth control, and, in January they memorably donned “***** hats.”

Sadly, while anti-Life activists are busy making theatrical statements, they ignore the real issues.  Pro-Life legislators in Texas work tirelessly to ensure that our state offers women real choices.  Pro-Life legislators have dedicated significant state resources to the Healthy Texas Women program, which offers comprehensive health care to low-income women at no cost.  Legislators have also ensured that women in crisis situations have real options and are not abandoned to the coercive and profit-driven abortion industry.  The award-winning Texas Pregnancy Care Network offers women and families access to high quality adoption agencies, maternity homes, and pregnancy centers, again at no cost.

Beyond what the state is able to provide, Pro-Lifers operate life-changing centers for pregnancy and parenting support and education funded entirely through charitable donations.  While abortion activists are busy deciding which costume to wear next, Pro-Lifers are offering women and families real solutions.

The facts remain: Abortion does nothing to help women in difficult circumstances.  Abortion takes the Life of a child.  The abortion industry does not help women and families find solutions to poverty.  Abortion businesses return abused women and girls to their abusers, no questions asked.

Monday’s theatrics at the Capitol are nothing new.  Unfortunately, we should expect to see more protests like this as important Pro-Life legislation continues to develop at the state and national level.  Each juvenile dress-up protest shows the world that the abortion lobby doesn’t have good arguments to make.  There is no way to make the death of a preborn child sound good.  There is no way to argue that abortion truly helps women.  The Pro-Life movement is pro-woman.  The message of our movement is, “Love them both.”

Don’t be distracted by the next costume party at the Capitol.  If protestors have to wear inappropriate outfits to make a statement, chances are they don’t have real solutions to offer.