Abandoned as a baby, 14-year-old girl without arms wins “Romania’s Got Talent.”

Earlier this year, 14-year-old Alberta Mosnegutu won the televised competition “Romania’s Got Talent.”  This would be an impressive feat for any young teen, but Alberta, whose stage name is Lorelai, won by singing and playing the piano, despite the fact that she was born without arms and femurs.  The remarkable video of her performance shows that she brought the judges and audience to tears before they rose to a standing ovation.

 The audience was moved to tears not just by the beauty of her singing.  Clearly, they were also touched by the incredible elegance Lorelai shows in overcoming a severe disability.  At first, people seemed unsure of what to expect.  Because Lorelai was born without femurs, she is very short and can look younger than she is.  When she took the stage, Lorelai said she would sing and play the piano.  Mystified, one of the judges asked, “Excuse me, how are you going to play the piano?”  Without missing a beat, she answered, “With my feet.”

Lorelai’s inspiring story began long before the bright lights of “Romania’s Got Talent.”  According to Family News, over the weeks of the competition, viewers learned the incredible journey that brought Lorelai to the stage.  When she was born, doctors thought she would only live for a few days, and her family abandoned her.  Her life was saved by Veronica Parvulescu, who goes by the name “Mother Vio.”  Lorelai didn’t speak until age three and didn’t walk until age four.  Nonetheless, Mother Vio never ceased to care for her and encourage her.  From infancy, the foster mother would place a pencil between Lorelai’s toes to encourage the development of motor skills.  Lorelai’s delicate piano playing is a testament to Mother Vio’s exceptional care.

Romanians were greatly moved by the story.  Lorelai’s first television appearance occurred weeks before Romania’s March for Life.   Her story became a moving example of why abortion is never the answer.  One Pro-Life mother wrote: “She’s a Romanian we have every reason to be proud of!  A child like all the other children – with a life just as important as mine or yours or my child’s life!”  The blogger added “Romania is second in the world in terms of total abortion numbers compared to its actual population.”  In a culture that does not respect the Right to Life of the preborn, how can people see the value of a severely disabled girl whom doctors thought would quickly die after birth?

People like Mother Vio stand as examples of what being Pro-Life truly means.  Without her selfless care for a disabled child with an uncertain future, Lorelai never could have blossomed into the talented young woman she is today.  Lorelai says, “My mission is to make the world happier through my writing and my songs.”  She plans to use the prize money from winning “Romania’s Got Talent” for an apartment with specialized furniture so that she can focus on continuing her singing career.  We wish Lorelai the best in what is sure to be a wonderful career, and we hope her example continues to move Romania toward a Culture of Life.