A response: Zealots Know No Limits


The following is a response provided by Keith Riler to criticisms of his article “The false promise of contraception,”  made by Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg in her February 23, 2012 column.


As the author of the article cited by Ms. Falkenberg in her “Zealots Know No Limits” piece, I am compelled to answer her charges of cherry picking and data manipulation.  The critique unreasonable and unfair.


A fair hearing of those studies is particularly merited now, because citizens may be made to pay and forcibly have their consciences violated to fund the HHS contraception edict that is falsely premised on saving money by reducing unintended pregnancies.


I encourage [Chronicle] subscribers to read Ms. Falkenberg’s column, and the False Promise of Contraception” at the Texas Right to Life website, and come to their own conclusions. It will be an illuminating view into the widespread misinformation and, dare I say, zealotry surrounding the issue.