A Pro-Life Essay by Ruthy Vaughn, second-place winner in senior category of Pro-Life Essay Contest

In the past forty years, there have been nine times as many innocent people slaughtered than the Holocaust. These innocent people are children- 58,000,000 unborn children- who were aborted by their mothers (Cane). Children who had potential- potential records to beat, potential diseases to cure, potential people to fall in love with. I am pro-life because abortion is wrong legally, morally, and scripturally.

The United States Code states in section 1111: “Every murder perpetrated by… willful, deliberate, malicious, and premeditated killing…or perpetrated as part of a pattern or practice of assault or torture against a child or children…is murder in the first degree.” According to this definition, abortion is illegal, although the government says it is not.  Simply because the child is not born, they obstinately refuse to acknowledge that he is alive. The song of his heartbeat is not enough evidence for them. I see this as a major flaw in our government that must be fixed.

Generally, the thought of murder is miles away from any normal person’s mind. No one wants to kill someone. Murder is not programmed in our hearts. I believe we try our best to live by morals. We were not made to hurt others, but to care for them, love them, and protect them. All these things are exactly what mothers are best at.  Mothers are known for acting as a “mama bear” when someone tries to hurt their children. But when she is tricked into thinking that the sweet, beautiful life growing inside of her is not a life at all, even the most moral woman might abort her child.

The final and most important reason I am pro-life is because our God, the Creator of the universe, has told us He has had a plan for each and every one of us since before we were brought into existence. In Jeremiah 1:5 He says: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” If God didn’t think we were worth it, why would He care enough to know us? Why should he bless us and see our futures if we are not alive anyway? We were alive. We were so alive that God knew who we were millions of years before He created anything. This is an essential reason I am pro-life. If God said we were alive since we were in the womb, shouldn’t we believe it, too?

Abortion is an issue that continues to increase each day. I believe we need to continue to raise awareness and show people that this is not the best choice. I am pro-life because I realize that abortion is not only murder but goes against God’s plan for us.