A message from Rep. Raul Torres

Friend —

I want to forward you an email from Raul Torres, who is running for Texas State Senate in your district.

He just had a debate with his opponent who lied about his abortion record in the Senate and we need to set the record straight!

Please vote for Raul Torres for State Senate and send a real Pro-Lifer who will protect Life to Austin!

Yours for Life,

————-Begin Forwarded Message————-
From: Raul Torres
To: Sarah Crawford
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2012, 1:34 PM
Subject: My debate


During a debate sponsored by the Tea Party, my opponent made several false or misleading statements. Below, I also included many of these statements and my response for you to review.

Debate Part One

Debate Part Two

During the debate my opponent made several false or misleading statements during the debate.  Here are some of them for your review:

I believe in better schools.
– Yet, he voted for a budget bill that resulted in $4 billion in education cuts.
I believe in freedom of religion.
– Yet, he is on record supporting ACAObamacare that forces the Catholic Church to provide birth control to all employees causing them to violate their beliefs.
I attend Catholic Mass services.
– Yet, he failed to mention that he converted to Judaism years ago.
My community comes first.
– Yet, he voted for HB 1, the budget bill that cut education funding in South Texas. He voted for SB 7 that forced the implementation of Managed Care in South Texas resulting in less access to medical services and pharmacies.
I am a strong, effective voice of the people.
– Yet, he doesn't promote any local Town Hall meetings or local citizen advisory committees.  The word on the street is “Where is Chuy? Now that he has an opponent he finally is showing up places.”
Health care is important.
– Really Senator? Then why did you vote to put doctors, pharmacists and medical service providers out of business when you voted for SB 7?
I am not for abortion.
– Wow! Can you believe this? This is the same Senator who has a 100% voting record in the Texas Senate voting against Pro Life legislation.
I bring jobs to South Texas.
– You got to be kidding me. Hidalgo County currently has over 11% unemployment and that does not count those who quit looking for work. 90% of all workers work in either healthcare or government! So what jobs did he bring?
Since I took office I lowered unemployment in Valley from 20% to 10% today.  
– Really Senator? According to the U.S. Census Bureau the unemployment rate in 2002 was over 10% and the current unemployment rate is over 11%.
If a sitting Senator is willing to make outlandish statements that are not true or misleading how can you believe anything else he says?
On November 6 you can change future of South Texas.  Now it's up to you to make that happen.  God bless you and May God bless Texas.
Let's Talk and Together Let's Move Texas Forward!

Visit http://electraultorres.com to support my campaign for Texas Senate.

Raul Torres
State Representative