A generation damaged by abortion seeks to protect future generations from the same fate

Right now, I can hear laughter emanating from the conference room down the hall.  In that room, Pro-Life college activists from all over Texas are meeting to discuss a semester gone and rejuvenating for the upcoming one.  They are Texas Right to Life scholarship recipients and they represent some of the largest universities in Texas. They are striving to make their campuses see the disarray abortion has wrought on this nation, and to change people’s hearts.   

Pro-abortion groups want people to think the average Pro-Life activist is a retirement-aged white guy, standing outside of the abortion mill praying.  While I am sure there are those men – and we are grateful for them – the most vocal Pro-Life advocates of today are high school and college-aged students, and young adults who have witnessed what the horrors of abortion have done to their generation.  As young people, they stand as survivors of a “choice” that very well could have been their own fate.  

Many of the scholarship recipients have faced challenges, such as struggling to become recognized groups on campus and facing opposition from peers.  However, each struggle is met with fruit and grateful hearts.  Students have helped host adoption fairs, grown exponentially and are active on campus, and have even met women who have chosen to give Life simply because these Pro-Life activists were present.  

Without young people in the world, societies wither and die.  Today’s generation of young people are changing the abortion-on-demand world that unfortunately has become the norm.  Today’s youth and young adults are widely more Pro-Life than their parents’ generation was, and they are standing for truth.