Important meeting

Call your State Representative and urge him or her to attend the meeting of the Republican Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives.  The caucus will discuss and adopt rules by which the new speaker of the Texas House will be elected.  Make sure that your state representative knows that you expect him or her to participate to ensure that a true conservative Pro-Lifer is elected as the new Speaker of the Texas House.

The Republican Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives will meet this Friday, December 1st, to discuss how to elect the next Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.  The vote on these rules will occur Friday and could determine the ease or difficulty of the passage of life-saving legislation in 2019.  January 2019 may seem distant now, but if you don’t contact your state representative, the old anti-Life liberal establishment leadership could reign over the 2019 86th Session of the Texas Legislature.

Call your representative today and tell him/her to attend the Caucus meeting and vote for rules empowering the Republican caucus to pick the next Speaker.

(Find out who represents you in the Texas House, and then click here for the phone number.)

The Texas House is at a critical moment for the conservative movement, not just for Pro-Lifers.  In October, Straus announced he will not seek re-election to his House seat and thus will not be Speaker of the House in 2019.  Since that announcement, the political dominos have fallen with additional announcements by Straus allies also leaving the House, plus myriad conservative challengers to moderate incumbents for the upcoming March 2018 Primary Election.

With these oppressive RINOS leaving the Texas House, the culture in the Texas Capitol is shifting IF our representatives elect a truly Pro-Life and strong conservative as Speaker.  Calling your state representative will help ensure that the next speaker is not elected by cohorts of the former, liberal speaker Joe Straus, who recently resigned.  In 2009, 11 liberal Republicans and all the Democrats in the Texas House put Straus in power.  With a near supermajority of Republicans in the Texas House, there is no need to partner with the Democrats; the next speaker should and MUST be elected by Republicans.

Call upon your legislator to go to the Republican Caucus Meeting this coming Friday, 12/1, in Austin.  Your representative needs to support strong caucus-selection rules, or another anti-Life obstructionist could be elected as Speaker.

Voters across the state have participated in their local GOPs, condemning the status quo in the Texas House of Representatives.  Any representative who refuses to untangle the Republican nominee from liberal anti-Life influence will have to answer to his or her constituents at the ballot box in the March 2018 Primary Election.

What can you do? 

  • Call your local state representativeand ask if he or she plans to attend the Republican Caucus Meeting on Friday, December 1st.
  • Inform your state representative that you, as a constituent, expect him or her to support and vote for rules that allow the Republican Caucus to choose the next Speaker of the House.

Let YOUR Representative know that he or she cannot REPRESENT your values and priorities with a moderate or RINO Speaker selected by liberal Republicans and anti-Life Democrats.