911 call from a "safe and legal" abortion mill: "We can´t stop the bleeding"

The self-proclaimed “safe and legal” abortion industry is increasingly known for being alarmingly unsafe.  Case in point: a recent 911 call made from American Family Planning of Pensacola, a Florida abortion mill owned by disgraced abortionist Steven Chase Brigham.

Dispatchers received the call from a clinic worker on February 7, who said, “…we were doing a procedure and the patient started bleeding, and she’s bleeding real heavy now and we can’t stop the bleeding, so we want to get her over to the hospital.” The mother on whom the botched abortion was committed was 29 years old.

Steven Brigham has spent decades learning to circumvent the law.  Brigham has a vast network of abortion mills across the country – at least seventeen in total – and has broken laws in multiple states.  In 2010, Brigham and his associate were responsible for the horribly botched abortion of an 18-year-old mother on whom he committed a late-term abortion.  Brigham started the procedure in New Jersey, where he is not allowed to commit abortions past 14 weeks of pregnancy.  So – as was his custom – he transported the mother to Maryland while she was in active labor to complete the delivery of the dead baby.

In the process of completing the abortion, something went horribly wrong.  The patient was transferred to the ER for emergency surgery.  While there, the suspicious behavior of the abortionists prompted hospital staff to report the incident to authorities.  Thus began a new round of investigations into Brigham’s vast illegal activities.  Investigators discovered a blood-smeared freezer in one of Brigham’s facilities, stuffed with dozens of bodies of late-term babies he aborted.  Even the New Yorker recognizes the newsworthiness of Brigham’s atrocities.

Deputy Attorney General Jeri Waraftig, who has prosecuted Brigham twice and is frustrated by his contrived ‘victim persona,’ urges strong action be taken for the unrepentant abortionist.  She said:

Brigham’s own pattern of dishonesty, deception, and incompetence have been the true source of all his problems.  His refusal to take responsibility for his actions proves that he will continue to pose a danger to the public as long as he is allowed to participate in any way in the abortion business.  We appreciate the steps New Jersey prosecutors have taken to put an end to his horrific practices, however, like a cockroach that runs for cover at the switching on of a light, Brigham will only scurry off to the next jurisdiction and continue to defy the law.  I recommend that prosecutors find a way to criminally charge him, or his reign of mayhem will never end.


Events like these reiterate the need for intense scrutiny of the abortion industry, which proves to care more about profits than women and children time and time again.  That’s why, in Texas, we remain committed to the Life-saving provisions found in House Bill 2, the 2013 Pro-Life Omnibus Bill.  HB 2 ensures the safety of women by requiring abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges, holds abortion mills accountable to FDA protocol for the administration of chemical abortions (protocols the Pensacola facility does not follow), and requires abortion mills to meet the same safety standards as similar surgical facilities in the state of Texas.