Planned Parenthood plans cocktail party to support abortion at Houston’s Axelrad Beer Garden

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s periodic Cocktails for a Cause event will be held at Axelrad Beer Garden on Leeland Street in Houston next week.  The “cause” is, of course, Planned Parenthood.  The abortion conglomerate’s Gulf Coast affiliates have spent the last year enmeshed in frenetic PR battles as an onslaught of damning evidence implicating the abortion behemoth in potentially illegal activity has hit the affiliates hard.

The Pandora’s Box opened with the release of an undercover video showing Missy Farrell, the research director at the gargantuan Planned Parenthood off of the Gulf Freeway in Houston, eagerly arranging to sell the body parts of aborted Texas babies for profit.  Farrell told investigators posing as fetal tissue buyers that PPGC’s longstanding practice of wholesaling baby organs was “all just a matter of line items.


A record-breaking WomenBetrayed Rally took place at the facility shortly thereafter, and hundreds of Houstonians voiced concern for the women and babies betrayed by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.  Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, likewise, asked local authorities to investigate the findings.  Corrupt Harris County D.A. Devon Anderson subverted the investigation and slapped the journalists who exposed PPGC with base felony and misdemeanor indictments which were later overturned.

Long story short: this has not been a good year for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

The abortion group hopes to bolster support with an event for “young leaders” at a trendy beer destination in the heart of Houston.  Making a party out of abortion support is Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s typical M.O.  The event is slated for Tuesday, and so far 26 people have RSVPed to the event via Facebook.  The truth is that Texans may not be as zealously supportive of abortion as abortion businesses would like to believe.  In fact, a similar event held last year at Houston’s Saint Arnold Brewery drew concern from Houstonians who were sad to see a popular city destination being used to support the abortion industry.

Meanwhile, young adult Pro-Life outreaches continue explosive growth patterns.  Last year, for example, Students for Life of America launched Pro-Life Future, an initiative answering young adult demand for Pro-Life involvement after college.  Likewise, earlier this year Texas Right to Life launched Young Adult Life Link, connecting Texans in their 20s and 30s who crave active participation in the Pro-Life movement.