5 Babies Were Brutalized by Abortionists: The Media Continues to IGNORE the Killing

Warning: Graphic images of abortion victims below.

Police recovered the remains of five brutally aborted babies in Washington, D.C. Shocking footage revealed developed, near-term preborn babies with horrific wounds and injuries inflicted upon them in possibly illegal abortions.

The heartbreaking pictures brought to light the truly evil and entirely barbaric nature of abortion. Among the poor children discovered was a little girl between 28 and 30 weeks’ gestation. She died with one eye open, staring off into the distance. Her head is partially crushed and her neck ripped to shreds. These injuries indicate she very possibly suffered an especially cruel, illegal partial-birth-abortion.

Also among the killed was a 32-week baby boy, a dismembered baby girl, and another baby still within his or her amniotic sac. All of these babies are estimated by neonatal experts to be in their third and late-second trimester and viable.

No one can look at these brutalized children and say these are not human beings tortured and maimed beyond belief.

In spite of these heartbreaking pictures, the mainstream media has decided to completely ignore the five babies. Instead of acknowledging the savage murder of these five children, the internet is filled with articles titled, “5 Fetuses Removed From Home of Anti-Abortion Activist, Group Says” and “Fringe D.C. Activists Now Claim They BURIED 110 Fetuses.” Nevermind the fact that the Pro-Life activist voluntarily informed and gave the children’s remains to the authorities.

Not a single mainstream news outlet has acknowledged the humanity of the aborted children, the cruelty of their deaths, or considered the possibility of illegal abortion activity.

Quite the opposite of mourning these brutalized children, mainstream news outlets have instead written blurbs such as one that said, “Cops said they found five fetuses in Lauren Handy’s home—even as she faces federal charges for blocking access to health services.”

Why is the media ignoring the truth brought to light in this shocking discovery? These horrifying pictures, as hard as they are to look at, tell the hard truth about abortion. Abortion is not health care. Abortion is not about “reproductive rights.” Abortion is not freedom.

Abortion is about the brutal destruction and desecration of human Life.

This is abortion.

The media is desperately trying to distract from these five brutalized babies in attempt to sweep the truth about abortion under the rug.

As Pro-Lifers, we cannot allow the media to get away with this cruel and gross negligence. We must let the world know about these crimes against humanity happening in our own cities and fight to end abortion to win justice for these five innocent children. 

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