21st Annual Celebration of Life most successful gala yet, thanks to YOU!

You joined Texas Right to Life and hundreds of fellow Pro-Life activists at the 21st Annual Celebration of Life on Friday, September 21.  You celebrated achievements in educational outreach and legislative priorities, and, most significantly, the 45th anniversary of Texas Right to Life’s founding.  YOU are an integral part of the oldest, largest, and only statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas.

This year, the Celebration of Life featured the Benham Brothers to further galvanize your Pro-Life, Christian convictions.  The brothers shared their remarkable story of standing for Life and biblical values in the face of tremendous opposition.  David and Jason professed, “Abortion is not just an issue; it’s the issue.  It’s not just the pivotal issue of our time but it’s the pivotal issue of all time.  Any time God has planned for deliverance, Satan has planned for destruction.”  Encouraging you to stand for Life, they said, “Being faithful when no one is watching sets the stage for when everyone is watching.”

A beloved star of the show, however, was a friendly figure you’ll find every day at Texas Right to Life.  Ruby Zimmerman celebrated her 90th birthday just three days after the Celebration of Life.  Thank you for supporting Ruby as the oldest active employee of the Pro-Life movement.  If you’ve ever received a piece of mail from Texas Right to Life, Ruby has most likely carefully sorted, folded, sealed, stamped, and mailed that letter to you, praying for you each by name as she worked on your envelope.  Ruby is a shining example of time well used and a life well lived… in the service of others, in the service of the Pro-Life movement, and in the service of God.

You undoubtedly made Friday evening our most successful Celebration of Life yet!  Thank you.  You’ve sent a record number of Pro-Life students to fight for Life on undergraduate and graduate campuses; you’ve passed historic life-saving legislation like the Dismemberment Abortion Ban; and you’ve elected stellar Pro-Life candidates to public office across Texas.  Thank you for celebrating Life on September 21, but more importantly, thank you for defending Life with us today and every day.