2 Years Since Baby Tinslee Escaped Death

Two years ago today, Baby Tinslee’s life was almost stolen from her. 

Praise God that this precious child is still with us!

Two years ago today, a Fort Worth hospital decided to be the judge, jury, and executioner for an innocent baby.  

Her crime? Needing life-sustaining treatment for a rare medical condition. The hospital administration, entrusted with protecting her life, betrayed her. 

Today, November 10, marks two years since YOU saved baby Tinslee Lewis from an imposed death under the 10-Day Rule. This egregious law violates basic civil rights under dire circumstances. Under the 10-Day Rule, Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth would have removed life-sustaining care from Baby Tinslee against her mother’s will with only 10 days’ notice. 

Thankfully, YOU provided attorneys to defend Baby Tinslee. God graciously provided Judge Alex Kim, who issued the temporary restraining order to protect Baby Tinslee’s life.

YOU provided much needed support to Baby Tinslee’s family. A new mother was forced to fight for her child’s life from the moment she was born. Tinslee’s mother knew she needed extra assistance in caring for her newborn who was fighting for her life and then was blindsided by hospital manipulation. YOU were that assistance. YOU were that answered prayer.

Baby Tinslee has been protected throughout multiple court battles and is still growing two years later. Just today, Cook Children’s filed an encouraging court document highlighting there are possible new avenues being explored regarding her care.

Sadly, many others are still vulnerable to the 10-Day Rule all across Texas. Every life matters, regardless of age or ability. People in Baby Tinslee’s situation need experts to shield them from the massive overstep of hospital authority. Texas Right to Life makes that happen. Due to your generosity, our team of lawyers and patient advocates are winning battles. 

Will you continue defending Baby Tinslee and others like her?

Texas Right to Life’s patient advocacy fund is used specifically to protect vulnerable patients from the 10-Day Rule and other forms of denial of life-sustaining treatment. Your generosity ensures that there is a legal defense to anyone who calls for help for a hospitalized family member.  

Will you consider a gift of $45, $100, $200, or more to help protect Texans from imposed death?

Thank you for being an advocate of the innocent.



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