Local Waco magazine promotes Planned Parenthood

Earlier this month, Pro-Life Waco revealed troubling news; not only has Planned Parenthood built a new facility along Highway 6, but the local society publication, the Wacoan Magazine, actively promoted the nation’s largest abortion business to local residents.  

Thanks to the diligence of local prayer warriors, local Pro-Life pregnancy centers, and legislative activity spearheaded by Texas Right to Life – Texas’ Sonogram Law and the removal of state taxpayer dollars from abortion mills, both occurring in 2011 – the killing center in Waco had stopped committing abortions in 2013.  Unfortunately, the atrocities resumed last summer, undoubtedly aided by local businesses promoting the shedding of innocent blood.

As a Baylor Law alum, hearing the news of what is happening in Waco is incredibly shocking.  On the heels of a reported $4.3 million investment by Planned Parenthood to target the vulnerable college students, the Wacoan Magazine allowed the murderous organization to run a full-page ad proclaiming the abortion “services” available at the new facility.

The Director of Pro-Life Waco, John Pisciotta, had this to say about the local business’ involvement: “The devastating wound of the return of abortion to our city should not be expanded by business entanglement with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.  Pro-Life Waco respectfully, but firmly, calls on Wacoan Magazine to renounce further advertising for Planned Parenthood.”  Turning words into action, Pro-Life Waco organized a protest at the magazine’s offices, using messages like “No business should profit from abortions in Waco,” and “Advertise REAL healthcare, not abortion!”

Texas Right to Life commends local activists and organizations like Pro-Life Waco for being vigilant and realizing that change in communities comes from active neighbors and citizens.  Are you looking for an opportunity to help combat the darkness of abortion in your area?  The Texas Right to Life Ambassador Project equips local citizens, such as yourself, with tangible ways you can be the hands and feet of promoting LIFE.  Complete the form and let’s get to work!