102 years of child sacrifice

102 years of child sacrifice

Today is the 102nd birthday of Planned Parenthood, the deadliest organization in the history of the world.

To celebrate today, Planned Parenthood will murder 887 preborn children (like they do every day of the year).

While Planned Parenthood toasts 102 years of child sacrifice funded with your tax dollars, they’re simultaneously pouring over $30 million into the November election to sway you, your family, and your neighbors to vote Democrat.

Planned Parenthood needs the “blue wave” to preserve and increase their annual $500 million in taxpayer money.

Planned Parenthood and their party of death Democrat allies reminded us how committed to abortion they are during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  Stopping President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh would have been a turning point for them; they had to try any and everything to preserve their abortion on demand agenda.

Are you as committed to Life as they are to death and protecting Roe?

Momentum has shifted in our favor.  Still, many of the strongest Pro-Life voices who represent YOU are in jeopardy.  We cannot let these extremists take over the U.S. Congress or the Texas Legislature.

The treatment of Justice Kavanaugh is a striking, vile reminder of the lengths that Planned Parenthood will go to protect the ability to kill an unborn child in the womb, for any reason, at any time, and with your tax dollars.

On this 102nd birthday of the abortion giant, stand for Life against Planned Parenthood!

Oppose Planned Parenthood’s $30 million political efforts by instead spreading Pro-Life messages in districts most vulnerable to the abortion mob.

Stop the murderous Planned Parenthood and re-elect Pro-Life incumbents to the state Legislature.

Donate $1,020, half of that amount $510, or $102 now to Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee.

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