1-in-70-Million Odds: Couple Trying to Give Their Daughter a Sibling Gets Rare Quadruplets (2 Sets of Identical Twins)

An Alabama couple made headlines after giving birth to an extremely rare set of quadruplets.

Michael and Hannah Carmack, who already had one child, had decided to expand their family further. During the very first ultrasound, Hannah, who works as a veterinary technician, immediately noticed something unusual on the screen – two sacs.

Excitedly, she asked the ultrasound technician if she was having twins, but received no response. Her excitement turned to surprise and disbelief when the technician finally spoke, saying, “Sweetie, it’s four.” Overwhelmed by the news, Michael began to laugh while Hannah shed tears of astonishment.

Although Michael had always dreamed of having a large family, Hannah was initially afraid. Seeking guidance and support, the couple had an emergency meeting with their pastor, which brought them comfort. Michael shared, “What I think Hannah came to realize is, ‘This is not normal. We had been chosen for something by God.'”

The Carmacks were now expecting two sets of identical twins, an occurrence that is exceptionally rare when conceived naturally.

According to Dr. Meghana Limaye, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, “there were only 148 deliveries of quadruplets or higher order multiples in the US in 2021.” She added, “the rate of triplets or higher is only 80 in 100,000 births. Additionally, to have two sets of identical twins, meaning that both embryos split after fertilization, makes it even more rare.”

On March 14, Hannah, 29, gave birth to two sets of identical twins: girls, Evelyn and Adeline, and boys, David and Daniel. The babies were born via cesarean section at the UAB Women and Infants Center in Birmingham, Alabama, at 27 weeks.

While they currently require assistance with feeding, they are capable of breathing on their own. The babies are anticipated to stay in the hospital until their original due date in June. In order to accommodate their growing family of seven, the Carmacks are in the process of transitioning from their modest 1200-square foot home to a more spacious 3000-square foot residence.

“My wife is a rock star,” Michael said, adding, “Hannah persuades the nurses to let her hold more than one baby at a time because she knows how important it is for them to hear and feel her. She has a connection with these babies like no one else.”

The Carmacks’ journey shows the joy God brings through the surprises of our lives, especially when we welcome the gift of Life!

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