Urge Governor Abbott to add Pro-Life Priorities to Special Session Agenda

Governor Greg Abbott called a special legislative session but did not set Pro-Life Priority Bills on the agenda.

State lawmakers can ONLY discuss issues that he chooses.

Will you ask Abbott right now to add Pro-Life Priorities to the agenda?

With your action right now, we could:

  • End the deadly 10-Day Rule that hurts hospital patients;
  • Attack Roe v. Wade; and
  • Protect health care workers from being forced to participate in life-ending procedures like abortion.

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The only Pro-Life issue the governor added to the special session agenda is strengthening Texas’s chemical abortion regulations. This policy would protect Texas women and remove our state’s dependence on unstable federal provisions governing abortion-inducing drugs. 

Texas must pass Pro-Life PRIORITY Bills that directly STOP ABORTION AND EUTHANASIA in addition to protecting pregnant women from chemical abortions.

There’s still time to act.

Abbott can still add these policies to the agenda, but we must act now. The special session only lasts 30 days.

Please add your voice to the movement urging Governor Abbott to add these crucial priorities to the call. Texas must no longer delay these essential Pro-Life protections. 

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