The Latest Attacks

I want you to know what is going on. We are under attack, but you and I cannot let the enemy win.

During the last year and a half, I have seen the enemies of Life launch unprecedented personal and political attacks against me, our staff, and our organization.

They are aiming for you, too!

As a critical partner in this mission, I want you to know what we’re up against.

Pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia forces want Texas Right to Life to close down. We should be encouraged! Why would the enemy care about us if we were not a threat?

You, through your prayers and Pro-Life work, have changed history in the last year and a half. And our spiritual and political enemies are furious.

But who am I talking about? Currently our enemies include:

  • Planned Parenthood, which is still suing me and Texas Right to Life (the case is active and ongoing);
  • 13 other pro-abortion groups trying to stop our legislative and educational efforts through lawsuits (13 cases active and ongoing);
  • Pro-abortion activists who sent bomb threats to two of our offices and my home;
  • Leftist organizations that pressured our Austin office building managers to cancel our lease;
  • Liberal Republican politicians after we exposed their anti-Life votes in the last election;
  • Weak Republican legislators who lost our endorsement when they publicly claimed they wanted to legalize elective abortion;
  • Many more…

I could keep going, but you get the idea. Texas Right to Life’s educational, legislative, and legal efforts are bolder than ever, and those who oppose our mission CAN’T STAND IT.

I even heard that some in political circles who hate us are spreading a rumor that we’ll “be closed by the end of the year.” They wish!

Texas Right to Life has a historic vision and huge goals for the coming years of the Pro-Life movement!

Whether it’s on our college campuses, the state Capitol building, or in Texas hospitals, Texas Right to Life is leading the effort to stop abortion and euthanasia.

We’re not going anywhere, because the threats to innocent human Life are still present and escalating.

I’m encouraged, because I know you’re not going anywhere either. I thank the Lord we have passionate, committed, and faith-filled supporters like you.

Please prayerfully consider donating today to fight against these threats to vulnerable Texans and to the hard-fought victories we have won together!

For Life,



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