The abortion industry is suing Texans!

Have you heard?! The abortion industry brought a class action suit in federal court in an effort to block the Texas Heartbeat Act (Senate Bill 8).

The suit is being made by ten abortion facilities, five abortionists and pro-abortion religious leaders, and six organizations that fund abortions.

Their complaint? Their suit reads; “If not blocked, S.B. 8 will force abortion providers and others who are sued to spend massive amounts of time and money to defend themselves in lawsuits across the state in which the deck is heavily stacked against them.”

They are scared. Starting September 1, the Texas Heartbeat Act will allow Pro-Life Texans to sue abortionists, abortion facilities, or anyone who aids or abets an illegal abortion. Because the enforcement of SB 8 relies on private citizens rather than the government, the abortion industry is terrified that they will have to “shutter their doors permanently” and that no one will help them commit their heinous crimes.

The abortionists’ suit attempts to make as many accusations against as many individuals as possible. They are hoping for an anti-Life federal judge to pick one of the many arguments they are attempting so that they can halt the Texas Heartbeat Act.

But their strategy is shaky at best because SB 8 does not rely on any government agency in Texas for enforcement. The abortion industry is stuck throwing a lawsuit at people who they think might sue them when the Texas Heartbeat Act takes effect.

These abortionists know they have a weak case. They even cited Texas Right to Life in their lawsuit for praising the Texas Heartbeat Act’s unique and ingenious enforcement mechanism.

The truth is that this lawsuit is a desperate measure by an industry that has admitted they do not fully know how to fight such an innovative and unique Pro-Life law.

But the abortion industry’s influence runs far and deep. All Pro-Lifers must unite to defeat this diabolical lawsuit and uphold the life-saving Texas Heartbeat Act.

And after the Texas Heartbeat Act takes effect, we’re going to sue the abortionists ourselves!

Will you rush an emergency gift to fund our efforts to defend and enforce the Texas Heartbeat Act?


The abortion industry has no shortage of money and anti-Life political power to achieve their ends. They are hell-bent on destroying the Texas Heartbeat Act and enshrining abortion in Texas law.

We must stand strong in defense of Life.

Will you give a gift of $250, $100, $50, or more today to defend Life? The abortion industry wants to destroy the Texas Heartbeat Act and dismantle every Pro-Life law we have. We cannot give up a single inch to the evil of abortion.

We are the last line of defense against the predations of the abortion industry.

Thank you for helping us defend human Life.



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