SIGN THE PETITION: Urge Governor Abbott to add Pro-Life Priorities to Special Session Agenda


Governor Greg Abbott called lawmakers into a special 30-day session starting July 8 to complete unfinished business. In this short session, ONLY items that the governor places on the agenda can be addressed. Governor Abbott has already released his first list of agenda items, including only one Pro-Life policy. But there is still time for him to add even more life-saving items to the agenda!

Ask Abbott to add bills that will:

  • End the deadly 10-Day Rule that hurts hospital patients;
  • Overturn Roe v. Wade; and
  • Protect health care workers from being forced to participate in life-ending procedures like abortion.

Sign the petition to ask Governor Abbott to add Pro-Life Priorities to the special session agenda!

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  1. Mr. Abbott,
    Please prioritize ending abortion, ending the 10-Day Rule, and creating a Pro-Life Texas. In order for the Lord to continue to bless our land, we must protect the vulnerable among us. Abortion and euthanasia is murder. Thank you for your time.

  2. Please include right to life 9n your agenda for upcoming special session, thank you.

  3. Ginger Bush on

    Gov. Abbott, I ask that you add Prolife issues to the Special Session. The 10 Day Rule needs to be abolished. As Texans, we deserve the right make our own healthcare decisions, with recommendations, not demands, from doctors, hospitals, etc. We are NOT a Communist state.