Stop San Antonio Abortion Fund

San Antonio City Council is dedicating HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to pay for women to travel to other states for abortions.

That’s why Texas Right to Life is SUING the City of San Antonio!

If we don’t speak up now, taxpayers could be forced to give $500,000 to abortion groups…

… and if other cities follow suit, $500,000 would only be the beginning.

But we need YOUR help if we’re going to have the resources to keep up this fight and stop San Antonio from ending the lives of preborn babies.

Please contribute right now to the San Antonio LIFE Fund. >>

It’s clear that abortion activists have not given up in Texas, so neither can we.

If you believe in defending the unborn, please step up now.

Paying for abortions or costs associated with them is ILLEGAL in Texas, but the city council plans to use tax dollars to end the lives of innocent children.

We’re sending a clear message: Any city that tries to give taxpayer money to criminal abortion groups will risk a lawsuit.

That’s why we need all hands on deck!

Local Pro-Life groups and citizens have already joined us, and now it’s your turn to chip in and save Texas babies.

If we fail, it would be deadly for the community, and worse, it could even lead more cities to fund illegal and out-of-state abortions.

Currently, the case was filed, and we are waiting for a reply from the City of San Antonio.

Thank you for standing together to save lives with Texas Right to Life.

You are making a difference!




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