You can secure Pro-Life victories at the Republican Party convention!


Use the form below to tell your Republicans leaders to support Pro-Life candidates and resolutions at the Republican Party of Texas Convention next week.

The Republican Party of Texas State Convention in San Antonio starts next week (June 11 – 16), and we need YOUR help.  To keep the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) unapologetically Pro-Life, we need you to ensure that strong Pro-Life planks are adopted into the party platform and that uncompromising Pro-Life party leaders are elected.

Texas Right to Life will join the grassroots Pro-Life activists to secure these four Pro-Life victories at the Republican Convention:

  1. Re-Elect James Dickey for RPT Chairman;
  2. Pass a new Pro-Life Resolution telling the Legislature to pass the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA) Legislation as a Legislative Priority;
  3. Strengthen the current platform to clearly tell the State Legislature to repeal the anti-Life “Ten-Day Clock” in the Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA); and
  4. Strengthen the Platform plank that outlines how the Speaker of the Texas House should be elected.

There are several Republican leaders at the convention who are supposed to represent YOU, so send them a direct Pro-Life message today.  Whether you plan to attend the Convention or not, you can still play a part in strengthening the Pro-Life convictions of the RPT.

The Republican Party of Texas is the only major political party that includes the protection of innocent human Life as a central tenet.  Please help Texas Right to Life and Pro-Life delegates to keep the Republican Party boldly and unapologetically Pro-Life.

Complete the form below to send the Pro-Life message to your local Republican leaders!

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