Judge Declares Texas Heartbeat Act UNCONSTITUTIONAL

This is BREAKING news. 

A state judge just ruled against the Texas Heartbeat Act, declaring the law unconstitutional. 

This opinion does NOT block the Texas Heartbeat Act but prevents Texas Right to Life specifically from holding Planned Parenthood and 13 other abortion advocates accountable to the Texas Heartbeat Act.

We must file an emergency appeal to defend the Texas Heartbeat Act. Will you rush a life-saving gift right now to stand with Texas?

Let us be very clear, defending the innocent preborn is not unconstitutional.

This just shows how terrified the abortion industry and their cronies are of Texas Right to Life. 

We are the ONLY ones defending the constitutionality of the Texas Heartbeat Act in state court. And our legal bills are skyrocketing. During the hearings, Planned Parenthood themselves identified Texas Right to Life as the greatest threat to their abortion business. 

We are facing 14 ongoing lawsuits from the abortion industry. Since the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect we have received hundreds of death threats over the phone and web and two bomb threats (one just this week). 

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are trying to SILENCE us. But we will not stop saving lives. We are calling on the STRONGEST Pro-Life defenders during this critical time. 

Will you stand with us in defense of the Texas Heartbeat Act? 

The abortion industry is hoping to use this opinion to scare and intimidate Pro-Lifers into submission. Just like the father of evil, the abortion industry tries to use FEAR to stop our life-saving work. But we will not be frightened into submission.

We are appealing this unjust opinion immediately. 

We will not stop until we END ABORTION. 

The abortion industry is desperate to continue profiting off the destruction of preborn lives. Yet we know that every precious baby’s beating heart gives glory to God.

That’s why we need your help to win this fight. Can we count on YOU to step up and defend Life with us?

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