Happy Birthday, Tinslee; Urge Lawmakers to End the 10-Day Rule


In November 2019, Cook Children’s Medical Center told the Lewis family that the hospital would pull the plug on their beautiful baby girl in 10 days against the family’s will. Tinslee’s mother felt shocked and horrified. Unfortunately, under the deadly 10-Day Rule, Cook’s held all the power. The hospital panel could legally overrule Tinslee’s mother and take away Baby Tinslee’s Right to Life. 

Miraculously, Pro-Life attorneys rescued her from the countdown! Her court case is ongoing.

Now, on February 1, over a year after she was given 10 days to live, Tinslee celebrates her 2nd birthday! Without your support and petitions, Tinslee would not have had the chance to celebrate her 2nd birthday. 

Tragically, the anti-Life 10-Day Rule is still Texas law and continues to threaten the lives of vulnerable Texans like Tinslee. Now is our chance to finally repeal the 10-Day Rule in the 87th Texas Legislature! Please stand up for vulnerable patients threatened by this deadly law and tell your state lawmakers to abolish the countdown placed on patients’ lives. 

In honor of Tinslee’s 2nd birthday please sign this petition to end the 10-Day Rule. Thank you for heroically standing up for our most vulnerable Texans! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Precious Miracle! You are God’s shining light, bringing Truth into a world that deceives, allowing others to stand for your invaluable LIFE, even as Your Life will save countless other precious lives. God Bless You & Your Family & ALL who are standing for God’s Creation, Baby Tinslee.

  2. These “patients” are people that deserve every right to life! God created them and God will decide when and how they will end their lives on earth. You are not God!

  3. Praise the Lord for Baby Tinslee.
    God created life and we are all precious and valuable to Him.
    Please put an end to the 10 day rule, not life.

  4. Praise God that sweet Tinslee is 2 years old! ALL life is precious, valuable, and worthy of respect. God gave us the means to preserve life in various stages and conditions and we must utilize them. Happy Birthday sweet girl! You are an inspiration.

  5. Happy Birthday little one–you are always in God’s hands–he has brought you this far- we can not know his plans-not our will but His be done. I pray the 10 day rule will be overturned


    I can’t imagine how any person in the medical profession can decide on a livetime limit for ANYBODY, child or adult. You people took an oath and you break that oath. Therefore you are untrustworthy! That ten day rule is no less evil that the rule of the naked heathens in foriegn lands who throw lick members of their tribes into the lakes to hungry beasts or who throw those sick members into volcanic mountains.

  7. Phyllis Cardwell on

    End 10 day rule..
    ALL lives are precious & ALL are protected by the Constitution. Doctors take an oath to save lives, not to end them.

  8. The “10 Day Rule” is anti-life. No one has the right to murder an innocent baby. 65 million brutally murdered babies are already too much.