ALERT: End-of-Year Deadline

January 1, 2023, will mark the first New Year in 50 years that America is free from the evil of Roe v. Wade.

Texas, and a few states like it, will begin a brand new year without the slaughter of innocents sanctioned by the government.

But this groundbreaking new chapter does not come without challenges.

In 2023, we must focus on:

🔴 Protecting preborn babies from illegal abortions;
🔴 Assisting pregnant women; and
🔴 Spreading the Gospel of Life so every person is valued.

This will be an uphill battle. Groups like Planned Parenthood TRIPLED their funds to find innovative ways to kill unborn children after the Supreme Court’s ruling. At the same time, however, hundreds of Pro-Life donors walked away because they thought the fight had been won.

We can beat these attacks — but only if we stand together.

Make a final impact in 2022 and give a gift of ANY AMOUNT to prepare for this historic New Year. >>

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