End the 10-Day Rule!


What would you do if your hospital said they would pull the plug against your will in just 10 days?  The Texas 10-Day Rule allows hospital committees to make life-or-death decisions instead of patients and families.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Tell your legislators to end the 10-Day Rule!

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  1. “Holy God, Holy Almighty One, Holy Immortal One of Divine Mercy, Our Father, Creator & Author of all human life, & Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Savior of all human beings, Thank You for answering prayers for Blessings of Courage on Administrator Mr. Stan Davis for his merciful decision. Through the Intercession of St. Ann, Blest Mother of Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, Son of God, we give you thanks, appreciation, gratefulness for the life of Baby Tinslee Lewis asking for the Holy Spirit to give life-giving natural breathing with signs of healing to expert doctor’s & nurses to witness the healing power of love & service to babies & families at Cook Children’s Hospital. Amen.

  2. Has the Lewis family spoken with St Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn? They treat children for free and also provide the family with a place to stay. It costs nothing! Please find out if they can help to treat angel Tinslee! Love and prayers to the Tinslee Lewis family and God bless Texas Right To Life for your work.

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  4. THANK YOU, Judge Kim for being strong and compassionate about the value of life. God is looking at you and smiling!!!